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London Camera Show April 15, 2018

Toronto. Did you miss our auction last Sunday? We had the largest-ever turnout (to a casual observer). In any case, our friends in London are hosting a show next month just a 2 hour drive west of the big smoke. … Continue reading

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Avard Woolaver, photographer

Toronto. Avard Woolaver grew up in Hants county, Nova Scotia, home of many of my ancestors on my mother’s father’s side. Avard is a photographer, author, and a Ryerson grad. He mounted an exhibition in room 310 at the Ryerson … Continue reading

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pushing colour prints postwar …

Toronto. 3 years after the war was over (and then some) the average person preferred black & white prints over colour because of two things: cost and resolution. To promote colour, Kodak embarked on a strong advertising campaign. The company … Continue reading

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Photo News Spring 2018 (27-1)

Toronto. Last Tuesday morning as I opened my Globe and Mail over breakfast, I was delighted to see Norm Rosen’s latest publication was a free insert for subscribers. It was especially welcome as it featured some Macro Photography special articles, … Continue reading

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PHSC News 17-09 for March 2018

Toronto. Editor Sonja Puschak has produced another delightful edition of the popular PHSC News. To read and down load this issue, just click here or on the Bauer 88B home movie camera at left (a high end model with an … Continue reading

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no place like gnome …

Toronto. From its earliest years the famous little Leica camera was offered with a companion projector. Various models were made to project black and white positives and especially film strips. When I was a school boy in the 1940s I … Continue reading

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E &H T Anthony Catalogue – 1888

Toronto. Well before the young George Eastman established his glass plate manufacturing business and later the famous Kodak camera, the Anthony’s had established a thriving business selling photographic equipment and materials. Our treasurer and head of the PHSC Press, John … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking 1942 – 2018

Toronto. He wasn’t known as a photographer but as an author and physicist. Stephen Hawking contracted ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) while doing his doctorate at Cambridge. It was diagnosed when he was only 21 but progressed so slowly that he … Continue reading

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Fancy a Leica? a pricey Leica?

Toronto. The 32nd WestLicht auction ended March 10, 2018 and a null Leica (Leica-0 series) in great shape sold for nearly $3 million dollars US! According to WestLicht, ” Only approximately 25 of these cameras were produced to test the market … Continue reading

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Kryptar B&W film

Toronto. Last Saturday, George Dunbar asked an interesting question, “Anyone ever heard of this film?” I certainly hadn’t. In 1948 I would have been in grade six and my family used only Kodak products as did most Canadians of the … Continue reading

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