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boxing it up

Toronto. The first half of the last century, most families used the humble box camera, and my grandmother was no different. The photographer in her small family, she recorded family members, friends, and neighbours over the years, the majority snapped … Continue reading

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1940’s creme de la creme

Toronto. 1940. America was a year away from being pushed into WW2 by the attack on Pearl Harbor. Color movies were very possible but very costly. That year, critic’s poll happened to choose black and white titles for the ‘top … Continue reading

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amping it up

Toronto. When I was a school kid in grades 7 and 8 a few years after WW2, I was also an occasional  projectionist for junior classes. We showed 16mm educational movies on (to me) a massive Ampro 20 sound projector. … Continue reading

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be positive

Toronto. Did you ever wonder how negatives were converted to positive images – where white was white and black was black? The key was to process the negative, then bleach the film rather than fix it (removes only the developed … Continue reading

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PhotoEd Winter 2020/21

Toronto. It’s all there in black and white: the latest edition of PhotoEd magazine featuring beautiful B&W photographs. Haven’t seen it yet? Well, for pity’s sake BUY a subscription! Just go to this site and sign up now. We thank … Continue reading

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noir et blanc

Toronto. My good friend and our PHSC treasurer, John Morden, also collaborates with wife Sonja Pushchak on the very successful PHSC News monthly pdf newsletter. John writes, “Below is a link to a competition that Rita is having in her magazine … Continue reading

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the Jack Roy of photography

Toronto. Jack Roy used the stage name of Rodney Dangerfield. As Dangerfield, his catch phrase was, “I don’t get no respect”.  The vast majority of professional and amateur photographers viewed Polaroid in the same light. Polaroid had very innovative cameras … Continue reading

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red sails in the sunset

Toronto. The energy of light depends on its wavelength. The higher (shorter) the wavelength, the more energetic the light. Visible light runs the gamut from reds to deep blues and purples. The beginnings of photography used media barely sensitive to … Continue reading

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pocket boxers – 1903

Toronto. trick photography in films goes back over a century. Take this Pathé home movie film short from 1903 called the pocket boxers. An image of two boxers is superimposed on a pub table top using the dark curtain as … Continue reading

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silvery moon

Toronto. “by the light of the silvery moon” goes a line in a very old song. Ansel Adams made a photograph in 1941 called “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico“.  It was so popular he made thousands of prints and at auction … Continue reading

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