2015 – 2019

January  Kodak Canada: The Early Years (at Ryerson University)
February Erin Levitsky: Nina Leen (Life Magazine Photographer)
March Mark Holtze: Video Editing (from Blah to Brilliant)
Celio Barreto: Japanese Photography in the Edo & Meiji Eras
April AGM, Chloé Lucas: Preventative Conservation for Photographs
May Louie Palu: Photography, War, and Alternative Narratives
Terry Lagler: The Golden Age of Super 8
June Erin Gregory: The Imperial Royal Flying Corps of WW1
September John McQuarrie: Computer Imaging Tools for Book Production
Horst Herget: Wet Plate Portraiture
October Terry Lagler: A Super 8 Halloween
November Celio Barreto: The Closed Darkroom of the East
December Various Members: Show and Tell 2019
January  Dr Denise Birkhofer on the Bratty Collection at Ryerson
February Dr Julie Crooks: Free Black North
March Dale Barnes: CBC Stills from the 1950s and 60s
Vince Pietropaolo: Documentary Photographers: a new twist
April  AGM, Sandra Joyce: British Home Children
Meaghan Ogilvie: Deep Sea Photography
May Dr Tony Bannon: The Taking of Niagara
June Yvette Bessels: Magic Mystery (Makeover Studio) Tour
September Stephen Brûlé: Wet-Plate Photography
October Lorne Shields: Antique Cycling Photographica
November Daphne Yuen: Digitization and Preservation
December Various Members: Show and Tell 2018
January Russ Forfar, Lincoln Ross: Miracle Repair TipsVarious Members:
February Alison Skyrme: Love that Kodak
March  Norm Rosen: Photographic Publishing in Canada
April  AGM, Spike Bell, Bob Lansdale: Shooting Under Pressure
May  Bruce and Lizz Hodgson: Edwin Haynes Rediscovered
June  Members: Celebrating 150 years of Canadian Photo History
September  Members: Show and Tell 2017
October  N Banaszak on 1850s/60s Architecture in Photography Exhibits; Delores Gubasta on Don Newlands Archives
November  Robert Shanebrook on Making Kodak Film
December  Dr Jennifer Orpana on ROM’s Family Photo Archives
January  Ralph Beaumont: Heckman’s Canadian Pacific
February Alison Skyrme: A Visit to the RIC and Archives
March  Elizabeth Larew: Not Just the Paris Portraits
April  AGM, Tom Bochsler: Remember to Remember
May  Lorne Shields: Bicycles, Velocipedes and 3D Photography
June R C Lansdale: Visual History of the CN Tower
September  Ryerson University: A History of the Future
October  Mike Smith: Your Photo is in the Mail (Reuben Sallows)
November  Geoffrey James: My Toronto
December  Various Members: Small is Beautiful – Show and Tell 2016
January Summer Leigh: The Past is Never Far
February St Lawrence Hall: Toronto Observed Through Three Generations
March Mark Singer: Movie Night with Early Seneca Student movie on Imax and its first years.
April AGM. Michael Mitchell: Photographs of the Lodz Ghetto by Henryk Ross
May Sarah Parsons: William Notman and Composites
June Jamie Day Fleck (director): Photos by Kirk
September Scott Rickard: The Chilkoot Trail of 1987-1899
October Felix Russo: The Magic of 3D
November Lauren Williams: This is our Arctic
December Various Members: Show and Tell 2015