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a flash of colour

Toronto. In mid last century amateur photography was quite different than today with ubiquitous smartphone cameras. The small camera phase (mincam) was in full swing. Black and White films ruled – colour was very expensive and even slower than B&W. … Continue reading

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timely notice

Toronto. Journal editor Bob Lansdale created the PHSC newsletter in November 2001 to promote the monthly meetings and other current events between journal printings, plus offering a more economical means to publish articles better suited to colour images. The newsletter … Continue reading

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communication counts!

Toronto. No matter where you are; who you are; what you are, communication is important. October 23, 1974 at an informal meeting in Toronto, a small group of collectors met. It was decided then and there that Canada was ready … Continue reading

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a time machine in your pocket

Toronto. You really do have a time machine – its your camera or smartphone! Really! Think about it. For example, if someone didn’t have a camera, Carol would never have known what her great grandmother (her father’s grandmother) looked like, … Continue reading

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an Antique market for all

Toronto. Every Sunday, the city hosts a Sunday antique market at 125 The Esplanade from 7 am to 5 pm. Check out their website here for more details or give the folks a call at 416-410-1310. One of our members, … Continue reading

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London Vintage Film Camera Show

Toronto. One of the better shows west of here is the London Vintage Film Camera Show. Just a couple of hours away by car on the 401, the next show is in a few weeks on Sunday, April 14th from … Continue reading

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a fair deal

Toronto. From the very start of our society, we held fairs. Initially to allow members more access to rarities, and later to also augment our treasury since the fairs provided steady revenue allowing us to bring in speakers while keeping … Continue reading

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under the hammer

Toronto. You can’t have a society without volunteers and funds. Enthusiasm covers the first and events and fiscal conservatism the latter. To bring in funds beyond membership fees (which are far less than costs) we host fairs and auctions. Auctions … Continue reading

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get wit da program

Toronto. The PHSC has hosted photography related speakers for over 4 decades. Our location or time seldom changes… third Wednesday every month but July and August at Memorial Hall in North York (Toronto). If the venue or times change, we … Continue reading

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there is white – and there is white

Toronto. Years ago, black and white processing was a piece of cake. The choice of paper grade determined the basic contrast to match the negative; a wide choice of paper tones and textures could be made; dodging and burning modified … Continue reading

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