fair time again – Oct 27, 2019

PHSC Fall Fair Bookmark

Toronto. The PHSC is hosting its Fall Fair – The Big One! – at the pierogi palace once again (Trident Hall at Evans and Islington in the west end). Set Sunday, October 27th aside and come out to see Clint, Mark and the guys and gals.

Lots of great gear available for your collection (or user kit). In addition to authentic pierogis, there is an open bar to quench your thirst as you gather the goodies.  Free Parking – $7 admission (students with ID free) – Join us at the Fair!

and in collaboration with the Digital Photography Club, we will have a number of photographs on display too. Details will follow in a later post.

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as easy to set as a clock…


Toronto. The old saying “lipstick on a pig” implies cosmetic changes to a product with little or no internal changes. Argus up graded the C-3 in various ways as the camera market evolved.

The Match-Matic (sometimes shown as Matchmatic) added an accessory shoe and simple exposure meter to the venerable C-3. Once the marketeers got hold of the changes, they touted in ads like this in the May 5, 1958 issue of LIFE that the camera was “as easy to set as a clock”. The meter wasn’t coupled. Just match the meter number to the lens – after setting the shutter dial for “scenes” or “action” (ASA or ISO rating of the film is not mentioned).

NB. This is one of a number of photographic ads in LIFE magazine spotted by George Dunbar who actively browses the web for photographic material.

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Fred Herzog, Vancouver Photographer, 88

Fred Herzog by Jeff Vinnic

Toronto, Years ago, I enjoyed watching Knowledge Network each weekend via satellite. Sadly, the Vancouver based public broadcaster was not included in the Fibe TV service from Bell as it is SD only (no HD or 4K).

Often Knowledge would feature photographs between shows – many the colourful street scenes of Vancouver taken by Fred Herzog about half a century ago.

Fred died from cancer on September 9th. He was 88 years old. I was reminded of his activity when I read his obituary over breakfast in Thursday morning’s Globe.



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curators in conversation at RIC next Wednesday Sept 25th

Conversations at the RIC Wednesday the 25th of September 2019

Toronto. Come on out to the RIC in downtown Toronto next Wednesday to enjoy this scintillating session hosted by Ryerson and open to all at no charge!

The session is being held at the Ryerson Image Centre (RIC) next Wednesday evening (7pm start). The two curators, doctors Sandrine Colard and Julie Crooks, converse with the audience about the making of the RIC exhibition celebrating the viewpoints of women in African photography from the 19th century to today.

Dr Julie Crooks spoke to us at the February 2018 meeting, She is a vibrant and engaging speaker. Don’t miss it!

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20th WestLicht Photo Auction October 12

Ilsa Bing – Self Portrait with Leica, Paris 1931

Toronto. The Westlicht Photo Auction next  month gives you the opportunity to add some truly iconic photos to your collection.

Mind you, it helps to have deep pockets! Click on the link above and take a careful look at the remarkable offerings that will go under the WestLicht hammer.

Browse these rare and famous photographs and just think how great they would look on your wall – or donated by you to a favourite university or museum. Awesome!


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September 22, 2019 Camerama Show

CAMERAMA Sunday Sep 22, 2019

Toronto. In Toronto this weekend? Want to see/buy/sell cameras gear? Then come out this Sunday and visit Camerama!

Click on the icon at left for details. Need a table Sunday or more information? Email Gary.

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making a difference

Sylvania makes a difference…

Toronto. In the mid 1930s, the minicam revolution sparked the rush to miniaturization in photography. Post war, amateur photography’s fresh ideas were indoor photos and colour photos.

Indoor photos made flash guns and flash bulbs big sellers. Companies like Sylvania marketed flash bulbs galore for all serious and budding photographers. In May 5 of 1958, LIFE magazine came out with a six page advertising campaign (start p 85) to promote American photographic products for amateurs. The question for marketeers was, how to differentiate their product when basically all products in a given category were commodities and competitors forced narrow price and quality constraints.

Sylvania stuck with electronic/electric devices. Already a major maker of flash bulbs, they felt a smaller bulb with the same light intensity using a new material could differentiate them. And a Zirconium-filled bulb was the answer – same brightness in a quarter the volume! Wow! A smaller base was also needed. A cheap adapter made their bulbs work fine in the older flash guns with a standard bayonet base socket.

No need for a new camera or flash gun, just buy Sylvania bulbs et voilà! you became a professional photographer! Yeah, right!

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hammer it home Nov 17th

Toronto.  Fall again and the PHSC Estate auction is coming! We are holding it on Sunday, November 17, 2019 down in the Long Branch area of west end Toronto at the usual venue – free parking and free admission. See the AUCTION menu item for more information.

Come out and enjoy this event while adding to your collection or user gear! Everybody is welcome. Sorry, but we cannot accept lots at the door since this will be an Estate auction.

Our first sample lot photos arrived in early September (thanks Clint).  Click on the photo below, then on the icon, and then on any lot icon to see it larger. Your left/right arrows will work to move from one enlarged photo to another. Enjoy!

Fall 2019 Estate Auction – sample lots

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PHSC News for September 2019

famous Rolleiflex

Toronto. Editor Sonja Pushchak and her team serve up a tasty newsletter issue to kick off our fall session after the summer break.

The issue begins with some photos by the late Jane Hope Bown of Britain. Next page introduces McQuarrie and Herget, our speakers this month. Next up, Jane Bown, this time her book and photos of Cats.

The fair poster is followed by David Bridge’s review of polarization in photography. Next up, a serious talk on Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time. (Who can forget his Reservoir Dogs, or Pulp Fiction?) Louise’s Web Links follow – always an interesting and eclectic trio of photos, comments, and links.

Sonja then tosses in a page of PHSC activities, a dash of tongue in cheek comments by Vi and Dot,  and the ever popular classifieds.

Click here or on the Rolleiflex above left to read or print this edition in all its glory!

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Robert Frank dead at 94

Robert Frank – News of the Day

Toronto. The Globe on Wednesday this week ran an obit from the NY Times News Service. It announced that the Swiss born NYC photographer had died at 94 at his cottage on Cape Briton, Nova Scotia.

Frank is best remembered for his coffee table size book “The Americans” which contained photographs from across America taken when he emigrated to the states.


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