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Photographic Museum of Ontario (PMO)

Toronto. The PMO is hosting a fundraiser on May 18th, 2019 out in Ajax. Some members are or were members of the PHSC or have spoken at one of our meetings. Shelton Chen is a local expert on Karsh. Peter … Continue reading

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when core memory was king

Toronto. When I first joined the Business Information Systems (BIS) section of Bell in 1966, 64,000 bytes of memory was huge. Today, of course that amount is so tiny you could not begin to load a modern day operating system … Continue reading

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where were you 33 years ago?

Toronto. I was living here in Toronto on April 26, 1986 when I heard the ghastly news that a cataclysmic explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant threatened to end life on earth as we knew it. The plant was … Continue reading

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pictures on the spot

Toronto. In the last half of the last century, photography had a number of goals for improvement for amateurs. Three come to mind: Faster media, so pictures could be taken indoors or at night; colour at lower cost; and faster … Continue reading

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Wild Exposures – Tracey Dyer

Toronto. Toronto wild life photographer Tracey Dyer has her latest exhibition at Studio 888 out in the east end at 2359 Queen St East, Toronto. The exhibition runs from April 25th through Mother’s Day, May 12th. Featured are iconic photographs … Continue reading

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when is a Bolsey not a Bolsey?

Toronto. When it is an Alpa or Bolex, of course! Jaques Bogopolsky was the camera designer for Paillard, a Swiss company  after they bought out his company, BOL SA. Jaques was born in the Ukraine and went by various names … Continue reading

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a head for news

Toronto. In the 1950s TV was rapidly taking hold as a source for daily news (not the mess of so called “entertainment” we see today amongst the plethora of commercials). Newsreels of the day were shot on film in clips, … Continue reading

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shine a light on me

Toronto. Projectors predate both photography and electricity. Called magic lanterns, they were often used by both magicians and charlatans. There are even people today who collect magic lanterns and slides (the Magic Lantern Society was formed about the same time … Continue reading

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London Spring Show

Toronto. Spike Bell of Tecumseh, Ontario (Windsor)  sent us a series of photographs he took recently (April 14th) at the very successful show over in London, Ontario arranged by Ron and Maureen Tucker (who also attend our shows). Spike wrote, … Continue reading

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photography & immigration

Toronto. Vincenzo Petropaolo, author, photographer, PHSC member and PHSC speaker has been invited by the North Toronto Historical Society and the Northern District Library to give the above presentation beginning at 7:30 pm this coming April 24th, at the TPL … Continue reading

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