2010 – 2014

January Blake Chorley: Tintypes [modern] in the Rockies
February Katie Addleman: Process of Selection
March Ted Grant (via DVD): The Art of Observation
April Annual Business Meeting. Meredith Reddy: Haunted Mediums – Photographs of the Supernatural Phenomenon
May PHSC 40th Anniversary – Stereography at Campbell House
June Barry Shainbaum: Hope and Heros
September Lorne Shields: Historic 19th Century Cycling Photographica
October Ronit Novak: Historic and Contemporary Ambrotypes
November Michael Robinson: Techniques and Material Ethics of the Daguerreotype
December Various Members: Show and Tell 2014
January Prof Lambert: Magic Lantern Show
February Paul Sergeant: The Tintype Studio
March He Shoots, He Score! – tour of D K Seaman Archives
April Annual Business Meeting. Movie Night.
May Chris Kennedy: LIFT
June Richard Lautens: Toronto Star Photographer
September Dr Deepali Dewan (of the ROM)
October TBA
November TBA
December Various Members: Show and Tell 2013
January Roy Ramsay: Outdoor Photography in Canada
February AGO and George Hunter: Songs of the Future – Canadian Industrial Photographs 1858 to Present
March Vincenzo Pietropaolo: People With Intellectual Difficulties
April Movie Night: Can You See Canada? Movies in Canada II
May Alana West: The Work of Frederick H Evans
June Irwin Reichstein: The Very Rich Life of a Montreal Studio
September Daniel Renaud: High Definition DSLR Video Basics
October Movie Night: Notman’s Canada
November James Trautman: The Turofsky Brothers
December Various Members: Show and Tell 2012
January Mark Cruz: Nikon SLR Video
February Dr Norman Ball: Niagara Falls: A Story of Crazies, Improbabilities and Photographers
March Maggie Habieda: Wedding Photography
April Heather Morton: Artist’s Portfolios: Marketing in the Digital Age
May Amanda Rataj: Albumen Printing
June Andrew Stawicki: The PhotoSensitive Group
September Gary Blakeley: Zeitag
October Tom Bochsler and Bob Chambers: 115 Years of Photography
November Shannon Perry: World War II Colour Photographs
December Various Members: Show and Tell 2011
January James Trautman: On Aerial Photography
February Lorne Shields: An Anaglyph 3D Show of Bicycle Photographic History
March Andrzej Maciejewski: After Notman – Rephotographing Montreal
April Don Long: and whether pigs have wings
May Rick Bell: Adventures in Photography
June GTCCC: Slide show – 2010 Interclub competition
September Carl Mills: 100th Anniversary of Flight over Montreal & Toronto
October Paul Pasquarello: Panorama Stereo – with a pair of Hasselblad XPan Cameras
November Julienne Pascoe: The Samuel Bourne Albums
December Various Members: Show and Tell 2010