Vol 13 (2013-14)

Issue 13-1 May 2013

Issue 13-1 May 2013

Vol 13-2 June

Issue 13-2 June 2013

Vol 13-3 July

Issue 13-3 July 2013

Newsletter 13-4 (Raja Deen Dayal, Photojournalism, Ilford Labs, Art of Industry,Dag find)
Newsletter 13-5 (Dr Deepali Dewan, Lomography and Petzval, Secure the Shadow)
Newsletter 13-6 (Mapping photographic network. Movie: Wes Lambert cine collection)
Newsletter 13-7 (Shannon Perry, Soccer, Zeiss and Photography, Diorama Restoration)
Newsletter 13-8 (Modern Tintypes, December Show and Tell, CONTACT)
Newsletter 13-9 (Edouard Baldus, Blake Chorley, 40th year of PHSC, Gerry Loban)
Newsletter 13-10 (Dr Ted Grant, Katie Addleman, 40 years of PHSC)
Newsletter 13-11 (Haunted Mediums, Father of Canadian Journalism, PHSC Auction)