2005 – 2009

January Joan Schwartz: Photographic Sleuthing: Archival Stories and Academic Tales
February Maia Sutnik: A Night at the Gallery (AGO) with Maia Sutnik
March Andrew Patrick (Epson): Fine Digital Printing
April Michael Torosian (Lumiere Press): Making Limited Edition Photography Books
May Tony Makepeace: Quicktime Virtual Reality Panoramas
June Reg Holloway: Pictures in the Paper – beginnings of press photography
September Terence Dickinson: Photographing the Night Sky
October Andy Stein: The History of Henry’s – Photographic Retailing
November Larry Frank: Visual Bandwidth and the Art of Photography
December Various Members: Show and Tell 2009
January Rafael Goldchain: Recent Shifts in Photographic Education (@ Sheridan)
February Vincenzo Pietropeolo: Not Paved with Gold
March Rob Skeoch: Observations of a large format photographer
April Gerry Loban: Loban on Leica – 1913 to 1935 – innovations and impacts
May Dr Irwin Reichstein: The Multigraph
June Paul Pasquarello: My Two new Best Friends – or I’m in love with Anna Morfix
September Chris Schneberger: Stereo Stories
October Paul Burns: Origins of Images and the Beginnings of Cinematography
November Felix Russo: Modern Panorama Technology – The Broader View
December Clint Hryhorijiw: Annual Show & Tell, and gift exchange
Ed Warner: Silent Auction from PHSC holdings
January Larry O’Grady: History and Applications of Photography in the Toronto Police Service
February Robert Burley: Back to the Future: Photography in the 21st Century
March Wayne Morgan: Palmer Cox, the Brownie Craze, and the Brownie Camera
April Gerald Loban: Old-Time Photo – the art of making antique portraits
May Maia Sutnik: Photography at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario)
June Movie Night (Donald Brittain, NFB): Dreamland: A History of Early Canadian Movies 1895 – 1939
September Gordon Brown: Photography BC and AD – the digital evolution
October Elizabeth Brayer: The Prodigious life of George Eastman
November Silvano Venuto: Recent Changes in the Professional Photographic Lab
December Members: Show and Tell 2007
January Maayan Kasimov & Rob Norton: Ambrotypes – History and Modern Production
February Carson Jones of Joneshouse: The Production of Modern Digital Prints
March Tom Bochsler: celebrates 50 years in Professional Photography.
April Laura Jones: Women in Photography.
May Stan White: 1980s Retrospective in Stereo
June MaryAnn Camilleri: Carte Blanche & Magenta Foundation.
September Wolfgang & Mary Ann Sell: History of View-Master
October Lesley Sparks: World Press Photo 2006
November Les Jones: History of Photography in 45 minutes (plus Hot-Air Balloon slide show)
December Members: Show and Tell 2006
January Movie-Nite Colin Low (Director, NFB): Moving Picture
February Robert Gutteridge: The Holland Brothers
March Mary Ledwell: Archives of Ontario Photographic Holdings
April Gerry Loban: The Evolution of Portraiture
May Michael Reichmann Video: Dags and Digital
June Jim Jensen: Of One Cloth
September Matt Isenburg: Ramblings and Recollections – Matt Isenburg on Modern day Collecting
October William Mokrynski: Pin-holes and Panoramas
November David W Lewis: The Art of Bromoil & Transfer
December Members: Show and Tell 2005