Meetings begin at 7:45 pm (presentation 8:00pm) every third Wednesday (except July and August) in the North York Civic Centre, Memorial Hall (Burgundy Room), 5120 Yonge at Park Home, North York, Ontario. The Civic Centre address is 5095 Yonge St, just south of Memorial Hall.

Meeting Map

There is inexpensive parking underground off Park Home and ready access from the Yonge St TTC Subway at the North York Centre station.

Please check our home page announcement or our latest PHSC News email for notice of any meetings not being held at the above venue. When meetings are held at other venues, the informal buy and sell session is cancelled.

Buy & sell sessions open each meeting. Tables are available to members on a first come first served basis. The buy and sell sessions offer everything from the mundane to the rare. I once bought a rare Pantoscop lens by Emil Busch. The c1870 wet-plate brass lens is the first true anastigmat wide angle lens design with a plate coverage of 80 degrees – equal to about a 24mm lens on a Leica.


Join our next meeting and bring something to swap or sell… but be ready to pick up something interesting for your collection too!

Presentations begin at 8:00 pm with the introduction of our speaker. Some talks are preceded by a short subject. The main talk is usually accompanied by slides and lasts  about 45-60 minutes followed by a question & answer session. The eclectic program of guest speakers covers topics of interest to photo historians, camera and image collectors and modern day photographers.

Our monthly program is announced in advance on the web and in the PHSC News email  (all issues are available on this site).

Past Programs are presented on the web and in our publications. Individual pages have been posted for most speakers back to October 1999. Sub Menu items under the “PROGRAM” tab open pages that list our speakers since September 1995. Most of the listings have links to further information.