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A Steady Lens – pioneer photographer Mary Spencer

Toronto, February 28, 2014. Yesterday I received a courteous note from author Sherril Foster. Ms Foster wrote to the website after learning of the death of Gerry Loban who she wished to thank for his assistance with her research of … Continue reading

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London UK – Then and Now

Toronto, February 26, 2014. The “Then and Now” theme appears to be a popular way to show city street changes over the decades. Each picture shows a version in black and white (old) and a version in colour (new), often … Continue reading

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Newsletter 13-9

Toronto, February 15, 2014. Editor David Bridge has been up late crafting the latest of his pdf newsletter, another 12 page colourful extravaganza. Click the picture below to read this latest issue.

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Blake Chorley visits the Rockies

  Toronto, February 11, 2014. Our January speaker was photographer Blake Chorley. Blake embarked last summer (2013) on a driving vacation in the Canadian Rockies with a big difference. Blake took along a huge 11 x 14 view camera, two … Continue reading

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LOL Cats have been around a long time

Toronto February 4, 2014. Thanks again to George Dunbar for suggesting these links to old Canadian photographs. The photos are from the National Post in a column written by Tristin Hopper of Vancouver. Tristin’s bio says: “Tristin Hopper is an award-winning … Continue reading

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Auction March 23, 2014

Toronto, February 3, 2014. Doug Napier announces the next PHSC auction this coming March 23rd, 2014 at the Legion Hall in Long Branch just west of the foot of Brown’s Line (Highway 27). This is a very popular auction featuring … Continue reading

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To the moon, Alice

Toronto, February 2, 2014. For those of you who watch television these days, many of the old serials run on some channels. Ralph Kramden and his wife Alice (Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows) were favourites as the Honeymooners when I … Continue reading

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Leica celebrates 100 years

Toronto, February 2, 2014. Thanks to George Dunbar for reminding me with this article from The Guardian in the UK that the industry changing Leica was born 100 years ago last month on January 21, 1914. When Oskar Barnack first constructed … Continue reading

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