le film noir

Photo by Nopawach Gajajiva on Fantôme film

Toronto. In film technology (or analogue as they say today), the lower the sensitivity the finer the grain and the harder the contrast. Lomogaphy have announced “The Fantôme Kino B&W ISO 8 35 mm Film”. This new film, at such a low ISO, will be great for those dark, gloomy photos reminiscent of commercial 1930s movies shot on similar slow speed media.

I used a commercial copy film of similar low sensitivity to copy documents years ago. When I started out in 35 mm, Kodachrome was a fast ISO 10 rating so you had a choice detail in shadows or highlights, but not both!

Slow ISO speeds were common from the very beginning of photography. Dried emulsion on glass was too slow to use in the early cameras but proved perfect for making contact prints of hymns by sunlight.


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