and the winner is …

Airequipt Superba 77A ad in LIFE

Toronto. Mid last century, companies worked hard to win a larger slice of the amateur photo market – especially in the USA, We saw where give-a-ways of non competing products for a few dollars and proof of purchase were used, This time a contest was held with the prize being a “free” projector, and if you didn’t win but bought any one of five different models of that brand, a consolation prize was thrown in.

You could write Airequipt to get a list of dealers in your neighbourhood – if such offers were allowed. Anyone with a number printed on page 29 of the November 9, 1962 issue of LIFE could take it to an authorized dealer who had a list of 1,000 winning number!

As you may know or recall, projectors like this one were necessary to view 35mm colour slides in a darkened room. Today, computers and smartphone technology have tossed such slide projectors on the garbage heap of lost dreams. Thanks to George Dunbar for suggesting this advertisement and such contests of days gone by created to sell both magazines and projectors.

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