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le film noir

Toronto. In film technology (or analogue as they say today), the lower the sensitivity the finer the grain and the harder the contrast. Lomogaphy have announced “The Fantôme Kino B&W ISO 8 35 mm Film”. This new film, at such … Continue reading

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ice cream and analogue

Toronto. Did you know today, July 21st, is international ice cream day for year 2019? My thanks to Rita Godlevskis over at PhotoEd magazine for noting this epic event. The analogue (she uses the American spelling which skips the “ue” … Continue reading

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Analog to Digital

Toronto. It is popular today to describe the old silver-based chemical processes we grew up with as “analog”. Photographer Tony Pickard in the fall 2016 issue of PhotoEd magazine wrote an article on converting and storing old analog photo materials as … Continue reading

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