dialling for Dags

A sample lot from the Oct 29, 2022 auction by the Daguerreian Society.

Toronto. Our friends to the south often hold fairs and auctions to market images from the beginnings of photography. They do a wonderful job for those enamoured with old photographs, especially Daguerreotypes.

Their annual is a massive soft cover book (hard cover for a premium) of manuscripts and photographs from the mid 1800s. Each annual is an education in itself. Many of our members are also members of “The Daguerreian Society“.

The society recently sent around an email announcing that their next auction is coming up fast. At the time I saw the email, it was, “T minus 7 days and counting!”

The email continued, “Have you checked out the more than 130 lots of fantastic images and other items that will be offered in our annual Benefit Auction on Saturday, Oct. 29, starting at 9:30 pm ET?

“Bidding will be in person at Chicago’s Palmer House Hotel for DS Symposium attendees and online through LiveAuctioneers and Cowan’s Auctions, which is generously waiving its platform fees.

“Thirty percent of the proceeds will go to The Daguerreian Society, helping fund website improvements and programming, among other operating expenses. ”

Then the coordinators suggested, “To see the full catalog on Cowan’s (20% buyer’s premium), click here; to see it on LiveAuctioneers (25% buyer’s premium), click here.

This another chance to add to your collect (live if you are in Chicago for the symposium) or from the comfort of your home. …

Note: The title of this post is a riff on a line from an old Janis Joplin tune, “Mercedes Benz“. I first heard this c1970 song on one my CDs titled, “Pearl” which was said to be the late singer’s middle name.

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