all things to all people

An all encompassing advertisement for Kodak of Rochester in late fall of 1951. Think Christmas. Think gifts.

Toronto. Mid last century we called Kodak, “The Great Yellow Father”. Kodak was everywhere. To think photography was to think Kodak. Sure other companies touted their photographic wares but Kodak was photography to so many of us.

The above advertisement from the December, 1951 issue of Popular Photography makes just such a point (thanks, George Dunbar). In my family anything photographic was Kodak – be it films, photos, or cameras.

Sadly, today Kodak, literally the creator of the digital era, is but a footnote in history. Kids with the ubiquitous smartphones are never without a camera – who cares the make – just snap and send – anywhere from storing in the camera’s memory to emailing to friends or relatives thousands of miles away. Kodak, we are so sad to see you fade away like a poorly fixed and washed print.

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