catching Graflexes

Feb 1948 Pop Photography advertisement

. Pre WW2 and for a few years there after, Speed Graphic and Graflex cameras reigned supreme as the press photographers’ cameras of choice. The Graflex series offered SLR capability for larger plate and film sizes. Those who saw the Graflex in action could sometimes just stare open-mouthed!

The above advertisement from the February, 1948 issue of Popular Photography magazine demonstrated the flexibility and popularity of this line. About a decade later, I considered a Graflex, but after seeing the rather complex combination of slot sizes and spring tensions needed to give the range of shutter settings,  bought a Japanese camera called the Rittreck IIa.

My thanks goes to friend and fellow PHSC member George Dunbar for this trip back in time to the wonderful ads in post-war Popular Photography.

Note: The title of this post is a riff on an old saying, “catching flies“.

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