bag ’em Danno ..

Leather Leitz Amateur Case for M series cameras, lenses, and filters

Toronto. The original TV show Hawaii Five-O from the 1970s (1968-1980) occasionally used the catch-phrase “Book ’em Danno” in an episode after McGarrett caught the bad guys.  For photographers, a bag to hold the camera, lenses, accessories, etc. was one of the first accessories to be purchased.

These cases ranged from the special camera Ever-Ready (fondly called a never ready) case to the large bags designed to hold and protect the camera and lenses while keeping them at the ready for quick usage on the job. The cases were made of many different materials over the years; fine leather, cheap pig-skin leather, aluminum, plastic, thick woven fabric, etc.

Some cases were made by the camera manufacturer for their various models. Others were deemed as universal designs ready to house many different cameras, lenses, accessories, cables, films, etc. Zero Halliburton sold (and still does) fancy lockable aluminum cases similar to brief cases with special inserts to protect your valuable goods.

A friend once mentioned the Zero Halliburton cases sometimes led to theft. He had his Halliburton cases and some ratty old suitcases on the street one day waiting for his cab. As he briefly looked away, the Halliburton was stolen – complete with the dirty laundry it held. Forgetting a dirty clothes bag on that trip, he just used the Halliburton, carefully moving his camera gear over to the suitcase, padding them with his clean clothes.

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