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Notre-Dame de Paris

Toronto. We were all shocked to hear and see the terrible fire that severely damaged this world renown church over the past week. PHSC member Harold Staats sent me an 1880s photograph of the famous cathedral (seen above left). Harold … Continue reading

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stereo, stereo, everywhere

Toronto. In the mid 1950s stereo was popular again. Graphic, to find a niche, set its marketeers loose. The high end camera spot was taken by the pricy Realist so the marketing folk at Graphic aimed at the low end … Continue reading

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the power of marketing (Argus C-four)

Toronto. In the 1950s Argus attempted to introduce a camera model to join its famous brick (C-3). The C-four was touted as being as good as most (German) cameras, even those of much higher cost. The C-four was made throughout … Continue reading

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we are old

Toronto In 1925, when this photograph was taken, photography was less than a century  old. Fredrick Brigden and his wife had emigrated here in the 1870s from England. He was an engraver by trade and established a small engraving firm here … Continue reading

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my dad’s camera

Toronto. When my father went west to Saskatchewan to help with the harvest as a youth, he took with him a box camera that he used to record life on the prairies. On the way home, the little camera was … Continue reading

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photographs indoors

Toronto. Can you imagine a media so insensitive and cameras so slow that a special technique was needed to show amateurs how they could take photos indoors at night. And worse, the resulting negatives and prints were black and white … Continue reading

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instruction booklets

Toronto.  In about 1936, my dad bought a Kodak Six-20 folder, a big step up from the box camera he took west with him a few years earlier. Kodak made the folder in this first version from  1935-1937. The rather … Continue reading

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PHSC News April 2019

Toronto. Sonja has whipped up another tasty treat for aficionados of her PHSC News. Like each April issue,  this one has a mixture of articles blending fake and real situations and facts… fun to read and fun to figure out … Continue reading

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preventative conservation for photographs

NEXT MEETING: Wed April 17th, 2019 Preventative Conservation for Photographs – Chloé Lucas Chloé holds degrees from the Sorbonne  and the Institut National du Patrimoine. She has studied conservation and interned at the National Gallery of Canada,  Libraries and Archives Canada, … Continue reading

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photo engraving

Toronto. Have you ever wondered how photographs ended up in magazines and newspapers, or why it took so long, or why colour was so sparse? The short answer is expense and technology. The earliest books used actual prints tipped in. … Continue reading

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