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when hype beat reality

Toronto. The heady days of the late 1940s! War was over. Pent-up demand for all kinds of goods exceeded supply leading to continued wait lists. Telephones just outside the town took two years for the cables to town alone to … Continue reading

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camera boy

Toronto. My good friend and fellow PHSC alumni, George Dunbar spotted this interesting web site and the sample German stereo card added by John Robertson of the UK back on January 18th of this year (2021). Browse the interesting links … Continue reading

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new tricks

Toronto. Stan White sent me an email the other day. At 91 he has posted a website of photos, poems, and stereo. Stan was born in England and emigrated here. He was an industrial photographer in England and a commercial photographer … Continue reading

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another dimension

Toronto. Paintings and regular photos are done in two dimensions. Careful use of shadows (lighting for photos) give a more modelled view of the subject. Most humans have two eyes 2 to 3 inches apart giving two images of any … Continue reading

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who you gonna call

Toronto. was a line from the GhostBusters theme. Roy Parker Jr wrote the catchy little tune for the 1984 movie “GhostBusters” which became a popular computer game. And for photo historians and photographica collectors these days it is indeed apt. … Continue reading

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it’s in the cards

Toronto. Over a century ago, before movies, radio, television, computers, and smart phones, a key source of education and entertainment was the stereo card.  These slightly curved bits of cardboard held two photos (usually taken at slightly different angles, although … Continue reading

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toys for little boys

Toronto. Sawyers of View-Master fame were justifiably proud of using Kodak products. This link is to a review of the talk we heard on September 20, 2006 by Mary Ann and Wolfgang Sell, members of the NSA and View-Master experts. An advertisement … Continue reading

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… deja vu all over again.

Toronto. Exclaimed Yogi Berra, the NY Yankees’ master of mangled metaphors. He may have been referring to our auctions – or the lot with the box of stereo viewers (every collection needs at least one Holmes Stereo Viewer). If your collection … Continue reading

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double trouble

Toronto. There is a growing debate these days about Russian (and American) interference in the affairs of other countries. Certainly the situation is not helped by our neighbour’s president, the Donald. For a change here’s some good news. My friend … Continue reading

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a sight for sore eyes

Toronto. In 1936, Keystone, the huge publisher and seller of stereo cards and viewers, embarked on some health oriented offerings including a special card series called Eye Comfort. This series came in a smart box with the stereo cards, a … Continue reading

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