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smokin’ hot

Toronto. Have you seen the devastation caused by the wildfires across Canada? And the exceedingly high temperatures in parts of the world including the southern US? And the droughts that sparked the fires? Lots of textual and vocal descriptions. Most … Continue reading

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fire sale

Toronto. Photography introduced the average person to events of the day and to history. Over 60 years ago, I was seconded to our office in Midland, Ontario to lend a hand. Imagine my surprise on that chilly Monday morning, March … Continue reading

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when photography was deadly

Toronto. Have you ever wondered why the historic old movie films were so hard to find? And why archives like the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) preface really old films as “remastered” from pieces found at various other archives? At the … Continue reading

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Notre-Dame de Paris

Toronto. We were all shocked to hear and see the terrible fire that severely damaged this world renown church over the past week. PHSC member Harold Staats sent me an 1880s photograph of the famous cathedral (seen above left). Harold … Continue reading

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photo books lost in California wild fire

Toronto. The local news focusses on the loss of life and property in the horrendous California wild fires but as sad as these losses are, other losses occur too. George Dunbar sent me a note that he had spotted on … Continue reading

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