wild lights

sync adjustment slider for VIII flash and new camera base

Toronto. Okay, flash is “the next big thing” and you don’t have a flash socket (pc) or a hot shoe. So what can you do?? Welll, if you are Leitz of Leica fame, you could make a base and flash gun for your camera. The synchronization just needs to connect to the shutter, so you could add the adjustment and connection to the new base and then connect your flash trigger via a cord to the base et voilà!

As this advertisement in the January, 1947 issue of Popular Photography shows, E Leitz in New York solved it and sold flash guns for the screw mount Leicas. Mind you, the shutter synchronization limit was a trifle slow at 1/20th or 1/25th second for a wide open focal plane aperture (first curtain fully across, second curtain not yet started).  A special long burn FP bulb could sync at any shutter speed, of course (light stays on to follow the slit between the two curtains across the film plane).

Note. The title is a riff on the Canadian retail subsidiary of E Leitz in the 1970s called Wild-Leitz. Their repair department correctly fixed the shutter of my M4.

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