let’s try small …

A version of the Classic 35 from Craftmen’s Guild in California

Toronto. … and aluminum, and made in America, and 35mm film. Sadly nothing worked, and the ‘Classic 35’ came out in 1948 and disappeared. Just another flop, but worth far more today for collectors – if they can find one!.

The name ‘Classic 35’ was later used by Peerless in the States for their branded imported cameras. This aluminum camera with the horizontal stripes was American-made and marketed out of  Hollywood, CA by the Craftmen’s Guild. It was basically a half frame box camera. The lens was f/4.5 to f/22 fixed focus with a single shutter speed of 1/50th second (plus time).

The Guild tried to ride the wave of enthusiasm for 35mm cameras, but never survived the rush of German and later Japanese cameras after the war. American-made cameras? Really? Just read this little ad from Popular Photography’s November 1948 issue and say thanks to my good friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar for sharing his search results with us.


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