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a long shot

Toronto. I saw this Exakta ad long ago. In fact, it was part of my mental background making me decide to go for an Exakta decades ago back before I was married, or a father.  The big selling point was … Continue reading

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belly-button school of photography

Toronto. Camera makers tried to categorize their products as having a better way to make photos. Using a waist level finder was one way – introducing the “belly-button school of photography” – a term of which I had never heard … Continue reading

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roll your own

Toronto. When film and 35mm cameras were all the rage, a significant savings could be realized by buying bulk 25, 50, or 100 foot rolls of 35mm film, In the darkroom, the film roll was placed in a light tight … Continue reading

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der Leica farbig (the Leica in colour)

Toronto. It was an exciting time for colour photography post 1945. 35mm colour slides were becoming common and more importantly, being accepted by professionals in the publishing industry. In the USA, Kodachrome was the most prominent slide film while in … Continue reading

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‘ave you met M. Pierre?

Toronto. A year ago this past spring, I did a post on the unusual lenses of Monsieur Pierre Angenieux of Paris. Surprisingly, this Paris, France optical company is still in business. The company was founded in 1935 by M. Angenieux. … Continue reading

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John T Bock September 2018

Toronto. I received a sad note today from Hans Bock to tell us his father had passed away last month. John first joined the PHSC in 1987 and has been a perennial table holder at our fairs. I will miss … Continue reading

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Auto-Quinon f/1.9 55mm

Toronto.  I chose this lens over a Zeiss Biotar for the standard lens of my late 1950s Exakta-VX IIa. The lens was a fast f/1.9, 55mm lens with full stop click-stops and an automatic stop down to the chosen f/stop … Continue reading

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B&L BALTAR f/2.3 50mm

Toronto. The Leica was marketed in 1925, catching Zeiss off guard. It responded in 1932 with the Zeiss-Ikon Contax. It had to better the Leica in every way possible: faster lenses, vertical shutter (faster curtains), metal shutter, longer rangefinder base, … Continue reading

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the summer of ’69

Toronto. “the summer of 69” is a line in the Bryan Adams song of the same name released as a single in 1985 (and on the album Reckless a year earlier). In later years, Adams took up the profession of … Continue reading

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camera brochures

Toronto. Camera makers offered many, many brochures to explain the virtues of their products to the common man. I have a few these days, mostly published by Ihagee, Leitz, Hasselblad (or their importers and distributors), or Kodak. These brochures give … Continue reading

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