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Cyclops camera and binoculars

Toronto. Our PHSC News for April, 2020 (issue 19-10) features the odd looking Cyclops camera of the mid 1950s. Editor Sonja Pushchak and her team put out another tasty issue in spite of the nasty COVID-19 virus affecting countries world wide at the moment.

Page one addresses the very interesting  and colourful Polymath Birds of Columbia. Next in lieu of our none presentation, Sonja links to Doon Arbus talking about her famous mother, Diane.  Page three covers the Cycle Diary by Lorne Shields and our editor (Lorne was to be our guest speaker last month).

On page four, AD-ING IT UP covers author Chip Kidd which is promptly followed by page five and the TORONTO FILE on contagion. David Bridge leaps in with his Equipment Review, this time showing ways to avoid touching your digital camera (software for PC and MAC); and Web Links o behalf of his better half, Louise.

PHSC Presents shows the impact of COVID-19 as does the CLASSIFIEDS while Vi and Dot discuss another kind of Royal collection. Click here or the Cyclops icon to see this edition of PHSC News.

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