really, really, retro …

Click above to see Haida Gwaii in infra-red by Remy Olivier

Toronto. Years ago I abandoned Kodak B&W products for Ilford. By then everything was panchromatic and ortho was but a bad dream and weird filters were no longer necessary.

The world moved on to digital a decade or so ago but a voluble niche group of photographers rigidly stuck with film. Now Ilford is bravely touting a”new” film especially for the cognoscenti of weird colour transformations to monochrome – an orthochromatic black and white film!

This news comes from a link in Snapshots by the PHS of NE via our famous journal (Photographic Canadiana) editor and professional photographer in his own right, Robert Lansdale. If you are one of the small population of film fanatics, be sure to visit the Film Photography Project! Michael Raso posted this article about the new Ilford Ortho Plus film last year on October 29th on FPP.

NB. About 17 years ago on a trip west, with my youngest, we saw the rock shown in this wonderful IR shot by Remy Olivier. It was long after sundown and rapidly getting dark, but that’s another story.


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