October PHSC Meeting this coming Saturday

Stereo card of a nasty disease – part of the exhibit at TMUs RIC

Toronto. You may have noticed we were rather silent this Wednesday as the usual locale is still not open for meetings as yet. Our program chair has lined up an alternative session for this Saturday at the RIC. Celio writes, “PHSC PROGRAM FIELD TRIP!
4PM, Saturday, October 22, 2022 at The Image Centre’s Student Gallery.

“This Saturday October 22nd we will meet at The Image Centre’s Lobby (33 Gould St, Toronto) to visit “The Optics of Science: Early Western Stereographs from The Dr. Martin J. Bass and Gail Silverman Bass Collection” on its closing day. This wonderful exhibit is curated by the 2021-2022 second-year students from Toronto Metropolitan University’s Film + Photography Preservation and Collections Management program. [NOTE: the image and thumbnail used here are from this collection].

“The Optics of Science presents late 19th and early 20th-century three-dimensional stereographic cards and supplementary material from the Bass Collection, part of The Image Centre’s holdings.

“The exhibition and accompanying publication focus on representations of Western science and related knowledge at a time of unprecedented and rapid industrial, social, and geographical change.

“Comprising medical, clinical, anthropological, astronomical, and spirit photographs, the selection highlights the technical and historical intricacies associated with looking at images often entangled with colonial legacies.

“FPPCM Alumni & Friends”

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