instant film photos in style

Toronto. My thanks to Clint who forwarded an email he received from member Stuart Moscoe. Stuart included this link to PetaPixel, a site we have mentioned before. Instax allows Fuji, Lomgraphy, etc to use SX-70 style “Polaroid” film.

This article states, “Analog photography company escura wants to “take instant photography to a new level,” so they’ve taken to Kickstarter to fund something called the Hasselblad Portrait: ‘the first fully compatible instant film back for your Hasselblad V-System camera.’

“The concept behind the Hasselblad Portrait is pretty straightforward: it’s an instant film back that lets you shoot Fujifilm Instax Mini film—currently going for $13.50[US] for a twin-pack of 20 total exposures—on any Hasselblad V-System medium format film camera.

“The back is designed to fit seamlessly onto your Hasselblad camera, installing in one click and letting you expose photos as normal. A viewfinder adapter, focusing table, and darkslide are also included. Once you’ve taken a photo, a knob on the side of the instant film back allows you to manually eject the photo and watch it develop.

“Build-wise, the Hasselblad Portrait is made of military-grade aluminum, weather-sealed, and wrapped in artificial leather that is designed to match the fit and finish of your Hasselblad.”

The link also shows sample portraits.

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