Brownie Super 27

Toronto. The Brownie Super 27 camera was advertised and sold in the early 1960s. It was basically a tarted up Baby Brownie: bigger viewfinder, built in flash, better lens at f/8, two speed shutter (but failure prone apparently), horizontal construction for stability, top release button, and using mini AG-1 flash bulbs and 127 film.  The two speed shutter setting was changed by opening or closing the flash door;  and a front knob set the lens to f/8 or f/13.5. Ads for the Brownie Super 27 said it was very steady leading to sharper colour or B&W photos in daylight.

An auto version was briefly made, but pricier. The front aperture setting knob was replaced by a sensor.  Both models used a fake sensor panel below the viewfinder. They were constructed of a hard plastic prone to breaking if dropped on a hard surface.

Like many cameras of the 1960s, the Super 27 touted its built-in flash, bright finder, and adjustments for colour or B&W.  If you are really curious, you can read the instruction manual here courtesy of Mike Butkis.

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