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WW1 Soldier Arthur Rawlinson from the Junction area in Toronto (west end). Killed in Action.

Toronto. Our co-editor of the Photographic Canadiana journal, David Bridge,  recently sent me a link to a CTV news item called,”Rare photos of 44 Toronto First World War soldiers discovered“.

The glass slides are professional portraits of WW1 soldiers in the Junction area of Toronto. The slides  were discovered in the estate of a Canadian military officer and are now held by Vice President Juan Jose Besteiro  of the Canadian Society of Military Medals and Insignia who was interviewed by Jon Woodward CTV News Toronto Video Journalist.

Once again, we see how photography can add interest to textural history. Some of the soldiers, like Rawlinson, died, some were injured, and others returned unscathed from the Great War. Many are listed in local area churches. Their  portraits were taken by photographer Charles Potter, who had a studio at the time at 191 Yonge St, Toronto. Potter’s studio has long since gone. Interestingly, we have an article in  issue 26- 5 of Photographic Canadiana on instrument maker Charles Potter. One and the same?? Coincidence??

Note: David is an active member of the Junction Historical Society, an area of Toronto familiar to me from various relatives who once lived in the Junction. (My dad often mentioned my grandmother had relatives there and in West Toronto). Without photography, these century old images may never have been captured.

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