das Nettar das ist gut

Post war Nettar with f/6.3 lens

Toronto. Ahhh, “the Nettar – that is good”, as they say in Europe. Your collection should have at least one German folder. The Nettar, as it was known, was also called the BOB in Germany. It was a less expensive companion to the Ikonta line. Most models, unlike this one, were the traditional vertical designs. These cameras also competed with the Kodak varieties of folders.

Zeiss-Ikon manufactured and sold Nettars from the mid 1930s to the late 1950s. They came in a variety of versions and film sizes equipped with various lenses and shutters. This model was made post war from the look of it, and happens to be in a lot in our upcoming March 15th Auction – just saying (for those who want an inexpensive German folder for their collection).

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