double, double, toil and trouble…

Toronto.¬†As Shakspeare’s girls say while making bat-wing soup in Macbeth. I bought this delightful little book by Kodak in January, 1960 for $1.25 – and no tax.

I was busy absorbing all I could about the complexities of developing and printing B&W and colour as I did my own B&W and colour slides – and attempted colour printing using Ferraniacolour. I whipped up my own chemistry for B&W from basic ingredients – just like the Macbeth girls made their soup.

In the heyday of photography, magazines and books on the subject were plentiful and all wanted to teach you the many facets of photography. I had a pricy Exakta camera, a couple of added lenses, an old Federal enlarger with an iffy light conversion to a softer light for colour printing using two aluminum pie tins and a circular florescent bulb.

The little booklet Photo Chemistry gave me an introduction to the complexities of the art and science of photography in layman’s terms I could understand. And right there on page 12 facing left is our little wet plate man! In five brief pages the history pf photography was succinctly covered from the view-point of Eastman Kodak, Rochester, at the time the largest and most successful photography company of all.

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