a horse of a different colour…

Ilford sample book c1974.
Click for David Hamilton – Horses

Toronto. Photographic paper companies often had samples of their products to help you chose a particular style. Once you chose a paper style, there was the physical size, weight, and the dynamic range (contrast) to consider. Of course nowadays you choose inkjet or laser printer paper of various weights and textures instead of photographic papers.

I initially used Kodak papers (didn’t everyone?) and then moved on to Ilford for black and white as they had the filters to vary the dynamic range of any Ilford paper you chose. Most often I used double weight 8×10 papers in 10 or 100 sheet packages. 8×10 could be cut to 4×5. Later on I bought 100 sheet boxes of 4×5 paper.

On October 5, 1974, I bought this lovely sample book published by Ilford and featuring their various papers as used by two professionals – David Hamilton (Ilfomar papers), and Tassilo Trost (Ilfobrom papers). The covers are yellowing now but the prints inside remain  their natural tones.

And the horse of the title? Click on the book cover icon to see David Hamilton’s shot of three horses printed on Ilfomar A 112 Paper (one is lying down near the black horse).

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