the power of networks

Canadian Camera Company ad

Toronto. To be a successful editor, one needs many talents – originality, devotion to subject, willingness to share, open to ideas from others, good English, and networks. Fortunately, our own editor, Bob Lansdale has all these talents including a world-wide network of like minded souls willing to assist Bob on all difficult issues.

On February 6th, Edmonton member Brian Hudson had questions on the company that built/sold his Glencoe camera and asked us for help. Bob Lansdale did a vigorous search but lacked access to Montreal street guides so he threw out a wide call across his network via the internet.

The result was an astonishing amount of information. Member Dr Irwin Reichstein up in Ottawa provided a detailed look at the company when first incorporated in Montreal, then relocated to Toronto and later filed for bankruptcy. Others noted they had such cameras in their collections. David Mattison in BC sent along a link to a site called which included this bit on US Patent 684221.

This added information on the Canadian Camera Company resulted from Bob’s use of his network – enough for an article in our journal, hopefully. (Who knew that the June 1899 “Rod and Gun in Canada” had an Amateur Photography section [pp146, 7] and especially that the magazine devoted a few paragraphs to the move of the Canadian Camera Company to Toronto? Fortunately Dr Reichstein discovered this and shared it. Well done, Irwin!)

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