enough already!

a surprise in contest entries

Toronto. Do you remember the days of photograph contests? Pictures were snapped on film, prints carefully made, and the hopeful shutter-bug mailed his/her pride and joy(s) to an address for assessment by a professional photographer – or a committee of them.  I think most photo contests at the time attracted enough entries. to satisfy the judge(s).

In the very late 1960s, I entered one such contest and won twice – first for a portrait and third for animals. The prize money bought me a new exposure meter back when CdS cells were the big event allowing exposure meters to be made that could read very dim light settings for those with a tripod.

However; in 1971 when LIFE magazine ran its latest contest, it was overwhelmed with entries and had to announce on page 3 of the April 16, 1971 issue that entries (over 100,000) were at least triple the estimate and this would result in the delayed announcement of winners, but they would still be published in 1971 (and the winners were published in a ‘double’ issue on the very last day of 1971).

My thanks to good friend and associate for spotting this item while researching magazine articles and advertisements for items of historical interest.

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