if you can read …

Famous Photographers School – LIFE ad from 1964

Toronto. … you can learn! Or so the American “Famous”schools touted last century.  Famous Artists School and Famous Writers School operated by correspondence on the premise that reading could make you an artist or writer.  In the same spirit, Famous Photographers School would teach you how to be a photographer and reduce the number of high demand jobs going unfilled, or earn money as a local photographer.

This full page ad by LIFE on page 7 of the February 21, 1964 issue used their in house and contract photographers as the experts who would train you as if you apprenticed to them. An idealistic advertisement that infers reading is comprehension and anyone interested in the subject can be taught to be a photographer.

Many books were published on all aspects of the art, but realistically, the truly successful photographers had unique talent and spent long hours and hard work to rise above the lesser lights. My thanks one of those talented folk, retired photographer George Dunbar who discovered this advertisement in the course of his research into photography as it was over a half century ago.

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