a Canadian icon dies at 90

Ted Grant (from book by Margaret Lansdale)

Toronto. I received an email Friday from George Dunbar. He happened to browse a copy of the Globe on Thursday. George writes in part, “Did you see the huge (two-page) obit for photographer Ted Grant in Thursday’s Globe & Mail?

“I was at a drug store yesterday and decided to buy a newspaper……the first time I held a newspaper in 30 days. Before the lock-down, I often went to a library and read three Toronto papers. I miss that experience.”

A few hours later, Bob Lansdale also sent me an email. Bob writes, “First story on Ted Grant who I knew back in my press days…..  We tried to get him as a speaker but the timing would not work.”

Bob included this article from the LHSA by Helen Todd. Ted was well known as a Leica user and while he never spoke to us in person, we did see his DVD at our March 19, 2014  meeting in Toronto, courtesy of Bob Lansdale’s efforts.

Ted was within a few weeks of turning 91 when he died in Victoria, BC. The CBC posted this article 4 or 5 years ago. A more recent CBC article here mentions Ted’s death on April 19th, 2020. Ted was hospitalized after falling and breaking his hip this past February. He never fully recovered from the surgery according to his son (and photographer), Scott Grant.

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