Photo News Summer 2019

PhotoNews 28-2

Toronto. As I opened Tuesday’s Globe and Mail for a quick read, out came Norm Rosen’s latest opus on all things photographic.

As usual, the magazine was an exciting read with lots of photos illustrating what the writers said in the articles.

Two articles caught my interest: Victoria Haack’s “My Best Friend” with ideas on making spectacular pet photos. I have had dogs and cats for many years and have always enjoyed each pet’s personality. Some have a great sense of humour. Some are good friends with other animals. All are great companions to my wife and me plus children.

The second article is Will Prentice’s “Flash 101″ column discussing flash metering vs. the data on the camera’s back (like the histogram graph). While I prefer to let the camera sort things out regarding flash, I know many professionals like to adjust the brightness of a standalone flash like a Metz and inspect each result on the camera’s viewing screen.

Check this issue out in the newspaper or on the newsstand – or wait a few weeks and check out the PhotoNews website. Can’t wait? then check out the website now with its many added articles beyond those in the print edition.

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