Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris c1880

Toronto. We were all shocked to hear and see the terrible fire that severely damaged this world renown church over the past week.

PHSC member Harold Staats sent me an 1880s photograph of the famous cathedral (seen above left).

Harold writes, “I recently purchased a few old photos of Notre Dame Cathedral at the last photographic fair. It’s one of the [most] famous and photographed images of France. I thought it might be appropriate if you are doing a story on this catastrophe to use this as one of the images from the 1880s in the next issue of the newsletter.”

I passed the photograph on to our newsletter editor Sonja Pushchak for consideration. As an aside, I was once told that the Mary, Queen of the World cathedral in Montreal was a quarter size copy of the famous Paris cathedral (apparently it is a copy, but of St Peter’s in Rome). While not Catholic, I personally attended the Montreal cathedral once decades ago before I began university studies in Montreal (back when René Lévesque Boulevard was called Dorchester Boulevard).

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