to the moon, Alice

Moon from Apollo Project

Toronto. … as Jackie Gleason used to say on the Honeymooners – that hoary old B&W TV series of the 1950s. Nearly 50 years ago, man DID land on the moon carried there by the Apollo 11 space craft! We all recall the Hasselblads and Leicas used in the Apollo Project at one point. I was working in Montreal ┬áin 1969 and an acquaintance generously arranged for me to get a set of moon landing posters when she arranged for her son to have a set (I think mine have long disappeared).

Our Editor’s son, Robert Lansdale Jr, sent us two links commemorating this memorial event: Images on Project Apollo as posted on Flicker! and a second link to the Apollo Archives.

Not a clue about Apollo? No problem, just read up on it in Wikipedia.

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