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far out, man!

Toronto. Shades of Cheech and Chong! NASA has posted the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope shot up in space. The name of the Space Telescope remains controversial.  It was carried by a space vehicle shot up in … Continue reading

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to the moon, Alice

Toronto. … as Jackie Gleason used to say on the Honeymooners – that hoary old B&W TV series of the 1950s. Nearly 50 years ago, man DID land on the moon carried there by the Apollo 11 space craft! We … Continue reading

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First photographer in Space – in 1961

Toronto. Nearly thirteen years before the PHSC held its first meeting, a Russian called Gherman Titov was the first man to take photographs in space in August 6, 1961. He was carried aloft and circled the Earth in the Soviet ship … Continue reading

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