camera magazines

Toronto. Before the days of the internet, manufacturers and importers needed some way to advertise their wares. Many makers used traditional camera magazines or annuals like the British Journal Photographic Almanac (often available at our fairs). The only down side was the promotion of all your competitors in the same issue.

One clever way to avoid this was to publish a magazine free or for a nominal fee devoted solely to one product line. Leitz did it for years to tout its cameras and lenses.

The Exakta Camera Company in Bronxville, NY, North American importer and distributor of the Exakta line made by Ihagee in Dresden, Germany,  part of the USSR after the second war, printed and distributed a free Exakta magazine that showed who used the camera, how to use it, and new of new products. The issue shown, was printed in the spring of 1958 and reviewed the features of the new model 35mm Exakta VXIIa. I was sent a copy when I bought this model of the Exakta over a half century ago.


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