Christmas ad for a Leica c1950

Leica IIIf ad
LIFE, Nov 1950

Toronto. Some time  back I did a post on Leitz finally getting  internal flash sync in their cameras. George Dunbar came across this LIFE ad in their November 27, 1950 issue suggesting the new Leica IIIf and a Leitz flash gun would be the ideal Christmas gift.

I bought my first Leitz flash gun model CEYOO (just like that in the ad) from Ted Sheppard at the November 1978 meeting of the PHSC in Toronto. At the same meeting, Ted sold me a white nylon CTOOM flash bracket that mounted the flash beside the camera leaving the shoe free for other accessories like a viewfinder.

Ted had recently retired from Simpson’s department store in Toronto where he headed the camera department and at the time of my purchase was president of the Toronto chapter of the PHSC. He originally collected antique telephone gear.

The Leica model IIIf had come to market around September of 1950 when I was in high school. After the war Leitz made lenses and cameras mostly from parts on hand in their factory until they could recover. Based on the IIIc, the IIIf was their first post war camera design and emphasized built-in flash synchronization, a feature already touted by their competitors.

Like earlier Leitz cameras and accessories, the IIIf and CEYOO were well engineered and beautifully  manufactured. A truly professional camera and flash gun.

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