internal flash sync comes to the Leica

December 1950 Ad
announcing the Leica IIIf

Toronto. George Dunbar finds a wealth of these old advertisements on line. This December 1950 ad in Popular Photography announces the advent of internal flash synchronization in the famous Leica camera.

Long over due, this feature was common in many other cameras of the time. To mark the occasion, Leitz skipped using the letter “e” in its model designation and called this series the “f” models – IIIf, IIf, If.

The ad boldly states synchronization up to 1/1000th second speed. This did work with special FP (Flat Peak for focal plane shutters) bulbs. Ordinary flash bulbs worked only with a fully open curtain aperture which limited the speed to 1/25 or 1/30th maximum (first curtain fully across, second curtain not yet released).  The point of bulb ignition could be adjusted on the”f” models

Leitz did offer flash sync long before the “f” models using special sync knobs on the shutter speed dial or a special base and flash gun for the IIIa cameras. Synchronization was up to a shutter speed of 1/20th second when the film frame was still fully exposed.

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