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Steinheil Optical Institute

Toronto. In the late 1950s I bought my first Exakta. Months later I wanted to expand the camera with added lenses. Naively, I felt 35mm and 90mm were too similar to my standard lens of 55mm so I opted for 28mm … Continue reading

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Ilfobrom Photographic Paper

Toronto. As I learned more about photography I gravitated to Ilford products. The icon at left shows the Ilford Test Strip Holder. To save on the cost of paper and chemistry, it was common practice to do a series of … Continue reading

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The Need for a Shutter in the 1890s

Toronto. I have a POCO 4×5 made by Rochester Camera Co. in the 1890s. This camera uses the dry plates that led to the early success of George Eastman. When Richard Maddox of England invented a successful dry plate formula … Continue reading

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Photography and Stamps

Toronto. George Dunbar has searched out some more vintage camera ads including one on how we once printed sheets of postage stamps. Do you remember when stamps were made from famous art or photos? This has been going on for … Continue reading

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TPHS Newsletter April 2017

Toronto. The Photographic Historical Society (TPHS) across the lake in Rochester often have interesting speakers as befits the home of Kodak. Click here or on the upper left icon to read this excellent issue and learn the history of the Blair … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Colour

Toronto. Once monochrome images were successfully captured by Daguerre and Fox Talbot and announced in January 1839, the holy grail of photography became capturing life in full colour. Beyond experimental processes, and hand colouring, this goal wasn’t reached as a … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Close-up Photography

Toronto. One of my favourite pastimes is close-up photography. Close-up is generally thought of as 1:4 down to a magnification of 1:1 or life size. Greater magnification is usually the domain of microscopes. Most cameras can handle 1m to infinity. Some … Continue reading

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Pinhole Cameras

Toronto. Some of the earliest cameras were pinhole cameras. The mechanics magazines of the 1950s periodically gave plans for making your own pinhole camera. The challenge was the creation of a pinhole the right diameter and perfectly round. Often the magazine … Continue reading

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Graflex Wins Again (in 1938)

Toronto. My friend George Dunbar sent me another whack of ads the end of last month (April 2017). One ad stuck out for me since Popular Photography magazine, founded in  1937,  had recently closed its magazine doors. The ad featured … Continue reading

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