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an apple you say

Toronto. Wow, when I saw George’s email, I thought of the Apple digital camera. Opening the email, I saw it was a BBC article from November 9, 2017 on making a pinhole camera from an eating apple. I had a … Continue reading

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take your time …

Toronto. … as my mother used to say when she felt that I was dragging my heels. But sometimes taking your time is beneficial. Photographic media are sensitive to the volume of visible light hitting the sensitive surface. Traditionally two … Continue reading

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Pinhole Cameras

Toronto. Some of the earliest cameras were pinhole cameras. The mechanics magazines of the 1950s periodically gave plans for making your own pinhole camera. The challenge was the creation of a pinhole the right diameter and perfectly round. Often the magazine … Continue reading

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What is the largest camera ever made?

Irvine, CA. Back on May 15, Russ Forfar asked if this article on a pinhole camera was relevant. I agreed as I had recently posted George Dunbar’s pinhole selfie celebrating national pinhole day April 1, 2016. The folks in California … Continue reading

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Annual Pinhole Photography Day

Toronto. Canadian Taxes intervened with my intention to post George Dunbar’s mention of the annual Pinhole photography day. Fortunately editor emeritus Terry Wedge and newsletter editor David Bridge stepped up to the challenge. George celebrated the date in a very … Continue reading

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