With Film, you can feel the photography…

New film for old 35mm cameras

Toronto. George Dunbar mentioned this wonderful link to CBC news the other day. Journalist and native of PEI, Sara Fraser of CBC wrote this article about a little camera store on Queen Street in Charlottetown.

The store, P.E.I. Photo Lab, has operated for over 3 decades. With film photography experiencing a small renaissance, it’s happy to be part of the excitement. The operators will develop and print film both new and old, keeping the customer cost down by processing below their cost. Students from nearby Holland College make frequent visits to the store.

Photographer Alhan Ashnaei purchased the store in 2012. In addition to selling photographic goods and services (film and digital), he and his brother display many old cameras including a view camera once used by his grandfather in Iran. The family moved to Kuwait and founded a successful photographic studio there before deciding to emigrate to Canada.

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