PHSC News 16-9

Bolex H16 camera famous as a high end consumer movie camera.

Toronto. The latest issue of PHSC News, issue 16-9 has been distributed. With this issue, we shift the editorial duties from David Bridge to Sonja Pushchak. Sonja was instrumental in redesigning the newsletter to modernize the approach of PHSC.

A big tip of the hat to David for his successes in editing the newsletter and seeing it was released on time. David was the spark to moving the distribution list from a private system to MailChimp with its wealth of statistics. David remains the Assistant Editor, testing cameras, writing a column on cameras, and distributing the newsletter.

You can click here or on the Bolex icon to see this edition. The lead story has a Valentine’s theme; our February speaker is introduced; and film revival is discussed along with the first of a series of articles on trying traditional film photography. We wrap up this issue with the popular Ask Vicky column, coming events, and classified.

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