three for the money …

back and top view of Leica III

Toronto. … and four to go,  as the old rhyme says.  And by go we mean drop by our November 19th Estate Auction. One of the lots will be a Leica III just waiting for a new home. This little 1933 gem is black enamel and gutta percha with nickel trim.

The letter ‘O’ at the top of the lens mount indicates that any interchangeable lens with a Leica screw-mount thread is suitable. This camera has very little brassing and the odd scrape, especially what looks like a tripod mark on the baseplate.

Made in 1933, it was one of about 111,o00 made. The viewfinder and rangefinder are very clear and clean. The rangefinder version of the Leica arrived on the market in 1932 with model II. A year later the model III arrived with improved optics for the rangefinder including a 1.4x magnification to compensate for the rather short finder base, and a diopter adjustment for those without 20/20 vision. The III was also the first focal plane shutter Leica with both fast and slow speeds built-in.

Visit the auction this Sunday and you may just grab this beautiful III for your collection!

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