twin views

view cameras – lot 823 at auction this Sunday

Toronto.  My earliest activity on the camera collecting front was an old view camera like this – no shutter, no lens – in a small suitcase. The junk shop in Toronto was delighted to see it out the door. The maker was Rochester Optical (later absorbed by Kodak) and manufacture was around 1900.

Years later in the Montreal suburb of Dorval. An associate of mine gave me an old lens and a lens and shutter (UNICUM) combination.   Mounted on a lens board I made, the lens/shutter combination was a perfect match for the old view camera.

If you hanker for one to use or collect, drop by our auction this Sunday. Remember, the cameras shown here are just ONE lot of around 200+ going under the hammer. Free parking and food, Don’t miss it!

PS. The title of the post is a riff on a 1990s TV series called, “Twin Peaks“.

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